A.H. Beard have been working to implement a contingency plan for the business to operate normally should a lockdown of business occur in Australia.

A number of team members are already set-up to work from home, and effective from Monday 16th March, several other team members will work from home in preparation for a complete lockdown, should that be introduced by the Australian Government.

We have, over recent months through technology implementations, been moving towards a remote working office, so we see no change to any internal/external processes. Our team members can be home-based for a period of time which will not impact our ability to deliver outcomes to our customers and retailer partners.

There are no instances of COVID-19 infection in any of our teams and families. We are taking these measures to ensure the safety of all and to ensure the business can continue to operate and service all customers and retailer partners needs during these challenging times. The health and safety of our team and the wider community is our paramount concern.

Please advise us if our people should be aware of any special requirements you have put in place for your organisation, we want to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all in our customers and retailer partners.

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