Connecting your Adjustable Base to the OKIN Remote App


Step 1. Download the App

Open Google Play or App Store and download the free OKIN Remote app


Step 2. Unplug your Base

Unplug your base from the power socket in the wall Wait 30 seconds and plug it back in


Step 3. Enable the Bluetooth

Press and hold the top two buttons of your adjustable base remote Wait until you hear the power box under the base make a sound

This sound represents that the base is ready to connect with the app


Step 4. Connect to the App

Open the OKIN Remote App on your phone Select OKIN-Receiv

Pop up will appear that states ‘Bluetooth Pairing Request’ Select Pair

App is now connected and ready

if you need some information aout how to use the app you can download a quick guide here

Contact Details

If you are having difficultly connecting your adjustable base, please contact Customer Care on:


P: 1300 654 000

you can download the attached document for a detailed document

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