By following these care guidelines, you can expect your mattress to provide comfort and support for many years.

  • When handling your new A.H. Beard mattress, make sure you always carry it on its side and do not attempt to move it on your own
  • If your mattress has handles, do not use these for carrying. Mattress handles are provided to assist with the positioning of your mattress on the base or rotating and are not load-bearing
  • Never bend or fold your mattress. These actions will damage your mattress edge
  • Do not use roof racks to transport your mattress. Securing a mattress to roof racks may cause it to fold, damaging the mattress edge
  • Similarly, do not stand or jump on your mattress as the guarantee does not cover misuse or abuse
  • Rotating your mattress from end to end every month will even out body signatures that develop as the materials settle
  • Ensure that you use the whole sleep surface, including the middle. If the centre of the mattress remains unused, especially on a king-size bed, the settling of the comfort materials in this area will not occur. This means the centre of the mattress will feel and look different from your normal sleeping area

We recommend that you do not use an old base with a new mattress, as both parts of your sleep set work together to provide you with optimum comfort and support. A.H. Beard’s timber platform bases provide the best possible support for your new mattress, to prolong its life and ensure the most comfortable sleep experience. 

  • Ensure your base is flat and even with plenty of ventilation for your mattress
  • If you have a slatted base or bedframe, ensure the slats are secured, no more than 10cm apart, and supported with a centre support rail
  • Flexible slats should be convex in shape but can lose their resiliency over time, becoming concave causing irreparable damage to the mattress
  • Please check slats regularly as the guarantee does not cover mattress damage caused by inadequate slat support
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