In preparation for sleep your body temperature will begin to drop around bed time,
this is why we find it so hard to sleep when it's hot. A.H. Beard mattresses utilise AeroComfort cooling technology to keep you cool while you snooze. 


The ideal bedroom temperature is between 18 to 20 degrees Celsius – if you don’t have air conditioning or still wake up hot we've put together some tips on how to keep cool while you sleep!



For your bedding and pyjamas, pick a material that is breathable. Natural fibres such as cotton, linen or bamboo work best as they naturally wick moisture away from your body. Conversely synthetic fibres are woven tighter and can trap heat. If you aren't a pyjama person you can also sleep naked. 




On hot days keep your home closed up to keep out the heat. This means keeping your curtains, blinds and windows closed to ensure the sunlight doesn't get in and raise the temperature in your home.  


Alternately when it cools down in the evening, open your windows and the doors within your house to let in the cool breeze. This will help circulate air and cool down your home. Keep in mind you might want to use a door-stop or similar to prevent slamming doors!


Remember that heat rises so if you are living in a multiple story home, the closer to ground-level you are, the cooler it will be.



Raising your heart rate close to bedtime can keep you awake so it's best to avoid strenuous exercise in the evening. Save your high-intensity workouts for the mornings or afternoons. Try an evening stroll instead if you want to get out and about before bed.


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